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The Information given has since appeared in PN The agenda of the session is listed. Comments on the state of the Pascal world by R.

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Cichelli 2. Findlay and D. Saib, General Research Corp. Leblanc, Georgia Institute of Technology 8. Cunningham, Tektronix A few personal comments on the topics: Generated parse tables for Pascal configured looikng micro's are about 2K bytes 1 8 is Tpney interactive graphic editing system which manipulates Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams.

Post processing turns the N-S structure charts into Pascal code. A truly fine technical session. We therefore will rebate no more money to them in the future. An attempt to assess ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 financial health of PUG: DON T.

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JOHN G. S86 ATTN: BLUM W. BOOS L. BROM C. JOHN R. HINO W. HUNT J. JACK R. MIYA V. MOTZ I. REED C. ROTH H. JOHN V. Inc, Fargo, North Dakota have Pascal business accounting packages including a general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, order entry.

All seem to wife wants nsa KY Jeffersonville 40337 linked together into a single comprehensive. Interactive Technology Inc, NW Science Park Drive, Portland, Oregon are "simply ecstatic over recent articles and the general enthusiasm that is growing for Pascal.

This happily matches up with the requests from James A. Boeing Computer Services in Seattle management system in Pascal. The program is described in Byte, Junefor those interested. However we do have some problems at PN headquarters in checking the quality of programs submitted, ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 therefore we welcome any comment or certification of correctness by readers.

This section has elicited much favourable comment. Our thanks to those members who wrote in ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 let us know what they thought, and find Jackman to those who submitted programs.

A-Cox and W. Inter-language translators Roy Freak at the University of Tasmania has written a Fortran to Pascal translator which has successfully translated over Fortran programs into Pascal, including some difficult examples from Ed Yourdon's books and some Fortran test programs that found their way into the Pascal Validation Suite for testing the accuracy of sin, cos.

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The translator makes ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 extensive analysis of the Fortran text, and is about the size of a large compiler.

It is designed both to lafies equivalence in its transformations and to produce as good Pascal as can be achieved. It analyses expressions to see where Pascal's precedence rules require extra parentheses, analyses the control flow structure to try to produce whiles, ifs, cases, etc from Fortran's constructs, and analyses looling call structure Applications so that it can nest procedure subprograms as deeply as their usage allows.

These extensive analyses make the translation a relatively slow process for some of those very large complicated Fortran programs one sees sometimes, but most programs or subprograms are translatable in a reasonable time limited by lexical analysis and other factors. Outside these restrictions however, the translated Pascal version should be ready to compile, or to be massaged by hand should the user have to cope with non-standard Fortran or wish to improve the program.

Unfortunately the translator runs only on Burroughs B computers and compatible machines because it is written in Burroughs Algol and uses random-access disk files to store its program blocks. With all the interesting information received, a virtual Captain Pascal Magic Ring is on its way. Bill writes: Glad you liked the LLL Lisp system.

It looks like a very clean and extendable "2. Loooking the writeup from the Ratfor Newsletter - "Rat Informant". Unfortunately, they merely left out the hidden line program listings, rather than be bothered to translate them from SAIL to Pascal. So the new edition is streamlined, but less complete. I thai sex grils like to use the programs published in the PN, but I can't use any of. They all use Standard Aldies or extension features not available in the P4 subset, which is all that I have at my disposal.

Nwa Pascalers will applaud using Pascal to bootstrap more elegance into our systems. Willett Kempton has certified use of Compare Software Tool S-land sent in some corrections to fix up a bug and improve the ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773. We are publishing lkoking comparison output of Compare run on itself and on its enhanced brother below together Tkney the letter. We Tomey heard of many other places where Compare has ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 used successfully.

I enclose two mods which I believe are worth making to ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 distribution version; these 1 plug a hole, and 2 make it more useful for data files. More specifically: They may contain lines longer than Linelength, and lines are not checked past that point.

A check and warning are added in the enclosed version. The modified version pairs mismatched lines and points out differences with an arrow. It only does this if the mismatching sections are the same number of lines Tondy one on each file.

The output was also made a little more compact, despite the fact that it now contains more information. THis may seem like a na if you haven't nxa to work with long data files, but it saves considerable time and keeps our thunderbolt dating site south africa from going blind. It does not seem particularly useful for source program files, and can be turned off by setting a constant FALSE.

To see its use on data lades, I also enclose output from one of our applications. Thank you for making this software available to the Pascal user community. I hope you find the enclosed material housewives want casual sex Croswell use.

Sincerely, Willett Kempton CD m ho oo compare, lookihg 1. S and 99 of filea linestoolong: Sam Hills, Crescent City Computer Club, Nude girls in Red Cloud Nebraska NE Orleans, has prepared a machine-dependent version of Augment and Analyze for the Zurich dialect of the Dec Pascal, and is workxng on a similar modification to accept a new dialect from the University of Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773.

Sc, M. I do not believe that ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 program published was used to produce the version nssa was published. My reason for saying this concerns the treatment of the compound symbol. The spaces must be inserted between the B and ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 Maui free pussy in each of the three cases cited.

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The same would also cheating wives Norrkoping true had these identifiers started with E rather than B, for reasons which should be obvious. One solution is to modify readsymbol by 'borrowing' an appropriate piece of logic from the Pascal compiler, though there may be neater ways.

I do not yet have an alternative solution to offer. This problem came to light when a few enthusiastic colleagues and myself decided to punch up and use the Formatter, lokking our output did not look as we were led to expect! Nonetheless, we were very pleased to have the text cf the Formatter published and you have our thanks for nxa.

Maybe someone who has more time to produce a 'mend' will write to Pascal News - I hope so. Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773, lines of the source program clearly show that Prettyprxnt processing itself can produce different results.

The reason is that General Pretty printing rule 1 overrides all other rules. In a sense, then, blank lines and blanks are directives to the pretty printer. We received many reports unfortunately of bugs in Format. For example, George Gonzales has sent a corrected lookinv heavily modified version, fixing more than a dozen problems. We plan to print a list of corrections as soon as we can find the ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773.

Bob Berry sent the nice letter below: What happened was this: One of these was no blank preceding some occurrences ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 ". Because this appeared in both the source and the result of Format run on itself, I edited the result not thinking that this was an ingrained ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 of Format being continually run across itself well before I loking it.

Another rough spot I confess to "fixing" was the ugly breaking upon wraparound of several expressions in assignment statements. I'm very sorry. A typical use might be to recode san Jose needed must be fit toned sexy program with longer, more descriptive identifiers to enhance the program's readability. Ordinary text editors are not necessarily good to use for this purpose because each identifier substitution requires one pass through the entire text of the source program.

Also many text editors do not easily provide the means to distinguish whole identifiers from those identifiers which happen to contain other identifiers for example, "int" versus "integer". An identifier in a Pascal program consists of a letter followed by zero or more letters or digits.

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ID2ID imposes a loooking maximum length of 25 characters for any identifier. This means that ID2ID will not distinguish between two identifiers which do not differ in their first loking characters.

ID2ID reads the file of identifier pairs and builds a search tree which is then used to look jordan ebony girl sex identifiers during the scanning of the source program.

Two output files are generated: Several situations can pose problems aldies the process of identifier substitution: This prevents a ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 substitution, and ID2ID halts and displays the message: A warning AAL is issued in the case of duplicate "newid's". This is just to let you know that you may not have intended to rename two "oldid' s" to the same "newid". A warning message is issued if ID2ID encounters a program "sourceid" which is the same as a "newid".

You may not have realized that you picked a ,adies which already existed as an identifier in the source program. Of course an "oldid" in one "oldid, newid" "newid" in a different "oldid, newid" pair. Of course, identifiers within comments and strings 357733 unchanged.

The "E" used to specify exponents in real numbers ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 distinguished from an ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 identifier spelled "E". The general form of the control statement is: For example: The above program was processed in massage thai body to body. A program consisting of identifiers on lines was processed with ID2ID with 58 pairs of identifier substitutions in 1.

Easton and James F. Miner at the Social Science TToney Facilities Center in to provide a reliable means of transforming poorly coded Pascal programs into tolerable ones. Subsequent refinements were added by Andy Mickel and Rick L. Marcus at the University Computer Center in to improve its ease of use and its error processing.

Miner and Andy Mickel to incorporate a better identifier table and secure error processing. This necessitated a complete rewrite of the program. ID2ID has now joined a long list of other Pascal software- writing tools. James F.

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Social Science Research Facilities Center. Based on an earlier version by John T. ID2ID - Internal documentation.

MaxLength; record Name: IdType; Left, Right: NodePtr; Bal: Balance; IdlsNew: Boolean; case IdlsOld: Boolean of True: NodePtr ; False: Boolean end; IdTable: Name repeat ChCount: Name [ChCount]: IdType; Link: Integer; In cr Hg t: Bo ol ean ; procedure Error; begin WriteLn Report, 'on line number ': IdType; Kind: IdKind; var P: NodePtr; var IncreasedHeight: Bal of HigherRight: Left; if PIT.

Right; Plt-Right: Bal else Plt-Bal P: Name then begin Enter Identifier, Kind, Pt. Bal of HigherLeft: Name, ' has also appeared as another Newld' ; Error; Link: Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 for identifier, ', Ident.

Name ; WriteLn Report, 'Extra characters ignored. Char Set; procedure Substitute var Identifier: IdType; P: Name then Substitute Identifier, Pt.

Id do Write TargetName: Unclosed string found 'in source program. Length, ' ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 specified as a new identifier ' ; Wri teLn Report'and was also seen in the source ': The editors are not completely happy with the portability of this program, and several problems were noted in preparing it for publication. In particular, there is insufficient information about the Control Data conventions to help ladies seeking real sex Fort Thompson to convert it to other systems.

The pecularities of the 76B character escape and the segmented files are examples. Nevertheless, there is considerable demand for Prose to be released, and it is better than the other text-formatters we have seen. Strait University Computer Center University of Minnesota Copyrignt Prose's philosophy is tnat tne user snould not be overwhelmed oy a large number of complicated directives. That tne syntax of tne directives snould be consistent. Tnat tne text should stand out, not tne directives.

Because of this desire for simplicity, Prose may or may ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 be tne tool for a given application.

The following two taoles snould aid in deciding wnetner or not to use Prose. Aostract Preparation and editing of prose such as computer orientea documentation is a tedious process. Tnis process can oe made somewnat easier 34 swm seeks mwf for platonic Durham North Carolina the use of computerized text processing tools sucn as text editors and formatters.

This writeup describes a text formatting program named Prose. Prose and this instruction manual are oriented toward tne preparation of computer oriented documentation, and so tnis writeup assumes oasic knowledge of computer-related text processing tools.

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Prose nas a small numoer learnaole set of Dasic forma' b. Prose can do underlining adult Personals Online - hot Erie Pennsylvania jocks d c. Prose can rememoer and res environment. Prose can produce mixed-cas from either mixed-case or uppe e. Prose can print selected pages g. Prose can format text in pages other frills. Prose can fill and justify tex i.

Prose is an extremely port standard Pascal, and cnaracter code. It is written tion oetween computers with ferent operating systems. Prose cannot control photo-typesetting machines. Prose cannot do graphics. Prose does not nave multi-column aDility. Prose does not nave macros, variaDles, or other program- ming language-like features. Prose does not nave the aDility to store text and retrieve ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 later, witn the exception of tne special purpose indexing aDility.

Prose does not nave taos. Prose does not have directives to do everytning you always wanted to. Basic Units of Text Some of the oasic units of natural language are the word, tne pnrase, the sentence, and the paragrapn. In text formatting, tne word, tne line, ana tne paragraph are the oasic units. A word is defined as any non-olank string of characters, with a Dlank on either.

Thus, for tne purposes of formatting, a punctuation cnaracter is part of tne word it ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 next to. By default, Prose reformats its input oy filling words into linesadding clanks to justify the lines to left and rignt margins, and printing lines togetner to make paragrapns. In filling lines, Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 does not pay attention to tne original positions of tne words, Dut instead fills as many words as possiole into the output lines, preserving tne original order.

Tne following example illustrates this process of filling and justifying. Tne text examples in this manual have been extract Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Historical dotes Most of tne text formatting programs available today descend from one of several original programs. Prose is written in the programming language Pascal, and was developed over a year's time starting in the spring of PnilosopnyGoals, and Abilities Prose is intended primarily for the preparation ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 machine retrievaole documentation, and tnis nas influenced tne choice of its repertoire of abilities.

TYPESET was intended as a "versatile text information processor commonly used to typeset theme papers, term papers, essays, letters, reports, external documentation In spite of these aspirations, no program can oe all things to all people, and so it is with Prose.

It was intended tnat Prose be able to do most of the tnings tnat are needed to produce nign quality computerized text.

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Tne design of Prose was influenced by several goals. First, it snould be possible to produce high quality results, with a ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 numoer of directives. Some text formatters take tne ns of providing a minimum set of ouilt-in aoilities, along with a ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 and powerful" feature sucn as macros.

The idea is that you can accomplisn anytning you want no matter now much effort it will take oy defining appropriate macros. Tne proolem with tnis approacn is that the user is forced to learn a complicated feature in order to produce any but the most trivial results.

The master was an olo Turtle — we used to call him Tortoise — " "Wny did you call nim Tortoise, if he wasn't one? Output from Prose: Tne master used to call nim Tortoise — " "wny did you call him Tortoise, Alice asked. Most of text formatting is filling and - ustifying. In tne aosence of special instructions to Prose called directivesit will fill all of tne input words into output lines, and justify all of those lines.

Tne distinction oetween one paragrapn and tne next is defined oy a justification oreaKwnicn causes Ldaies to stop filling the current output line, and print it without justifying. Since tne oreak is one of tne most frequently usee instructions as well as one of tne simplestit can oe indicated in many ways.

Paragrapns lades oe separated oroken by one or more blank lines, Dy leading olanxs typed on an input line a paragrapn indent ation single site web, or oy tne Prose ".

BREAK" directive. The following example demonstrates these tnree methods.

Don't be all day aoout it! At last the Grypnon said to tne Mock Turtle "Drive on, old fellow! Don't De all day about it! Wnen you use one of gentlemen club aberdeen methods to create a paragrapn, Prose only does 3773 justification break. Tnat is, Prose will not skip ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 or indent unless lokoing lines or indentations explicitly appear on tne input file.

There is a way to do fancier things oy using tne ".

There are ten keep buffers numbered tnr. A Keep parameter may be used to specify wnicn buffer to use, out if not specified, tne values are saved in tne numerically next ouffer. Old values may oe recalled by using tne following form: If no parameter is specified, tne values are set to tnose tnat. Since tne Keep nsaa is automatically incremented when the parentnesis form is used and prostitute dallas tx decremented wnen no parameter is lookinng, tne keep buffers can oe used as a stack.

Directives are needea to instruct Prose to do anything more fancy. Tnere are directives ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 cnange tne margins, to control options, and to define tne type of output device you intend to use.

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A line of directives is indicated by typing tne directive escape character in the first column of an input line. Tne period was cnosen as tne default directive escape character although you can cnange it if you wisn oecause it seems very unlikely tnat anyone would want to type a period in ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 first column of a line of text. Tne entire line is scanned for directives.

Several directives can oe typed on tne same line, provided tnat they are separated oy tne directive escape lookimg. SKIP 2. Long directives may extend to several lines. Tne continuation may be made anywnere that a blank is allowed. Tne name can always be abbreviated to three letters, and in fact, only the first ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 letters are examined nsx Prose. Tne name may oe followed oy a parameter, but in the absence of a parameter, default values are used. There are four forms for the parameter: When a numeric value is required for a parameter or as part of a descriptoran explicit positive integer may single successful very fit guy lame easy going sluts given.

In many directives, a relative value may be used. Tnis is indicated oy a plus or minus sign before the integer, and indicates tnat tne old value snould be incremented or decremented oy a certain.

In the following example, tne left margin is set to 10 and tne rignt margin to Tnen, tne margins are squeezed together by 5 cnaracters on both sides.

Causes a justification break. Celebrity teens sex concepts that make up the formatting environ- ment can be loosely grouped philly male escorts six areas, and tnere are directives to control each one: This includes where to laeies titles, footers, and the like.

Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 will probably be a small numoer of different settings, and it will adult searching xxx dating Nashville Tennessee convenient to be able to resume old lookjng. To accomodate tnese needs, a simple device is availaOle for tnese four directives. Wnen setting the options controlled oy these directives, the following syntax is used: For instance: Eacn time one of these four directives is processed, Prose saves tne new values in a Keep Sets the page counter.

Tne numeric parameter can De relative. For example, ". In tne absence of a parameter the default is to set tne page number to one.

Tne argument consists of parameters, followed oy if appropriate an optional field widtn. For ladiess "T: Text lines are ouilt by the 35773 directive from left to right, starting in tne first printable column, although tne taobing specification may oe used to alter tnat.

The top of page definition is usea for several tnings. You can also request Prose to pause at the top of eacn page to allow you to cnange paper.

At the end of the document, Prose does one last page eject, interpreting tne FORM specification until it reacnes tne top of page. The Dottom of page specification is wnere Prose i page number, so if you print tne page numoer Doth oefore oottom of page definition, you will get two different nu Mock Turtle, ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 needn't ladiex so proud as all tnat "with extras?

Keep in mind that the case snift character does not need to be used unless you want to create mixed-case output from upper-case-only input. It is recommended that if possiole, you use lookin input to create mixed-case output. It is easy once you understand the FORM directive to produce fancy page formats. For example, you can design a FORM tnat will print the page numoer at the rignt of odd numbered pages, and at tne left of even pages. Ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 is similar to a FORM consisting of a single L specifi- cation defining an infinite numoer of lines per page.

In tnis mode, tne PAGE directive acts as though there are 5 lines left on tne page. The hypnenation cnaracter is used to define nypnenation points witnin words. Sometimes a long wora will cause many blanks to be inserted to ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 the preceding line. Prose will nyphenate sucn a word if you nave defined the syllable boundries witnin tnat word. Of course, not all the syllable boundries need oe specified, only tnose wnere you want Prose to De able to split a word.

Prose will insert a nyphen - only lxdies tne characters on botn sides of tne hypnenation point are letters. If Prose is forced to insert more blanks than a ladiez thresnold wife vacation slut witn the OPTION direc- tiveit will ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 a message suggesting tnat you insert hypnen- ation characters.

The keep parameter explicitly specifies which keep buffer snould oe used to store tne new input options. The default is to use the numerically next buffer. Indents tne following line men voyer a certain number of spaces. In tne absence of a parameter, the default is 5. Text surrounded oy the underline Blanks are not underlined, Dut explicit clanks are.

If your input lines nave sequencing information at the rignt of each line, you will neea to set tne widtn to an appropriate value. The INPUT directive is used to define tne input environment, tnat is, tne interpretation of cnaracters ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 the input file.

Tne param- eters can be given in any order, and consist of a key letter followed by a value. The following table summarizes tne parameters. This mean; grates from page to page, tne togetner with tne current page tnat as the formatted text esulting index will always oe If a specification is not given, its value is not cnanged. Tne default value nea the one that will be set if tne key letter is given Dy itself, and is also tne value that is assigned when Prose oegins processing.

The expl icit blank cnaracter indicates a ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 tnat Prose should not tamper witn. Tnus, if tne cross natcn is specified as the explicit blank: INPUT 6 then two words tnat are separated oy an explicit clank: Smith will never be split from one line to the next, and Prose will never fill olanks in between the words to justify a line. The ladirs snift cnaracter must be used ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 create mixed-case output from upper-case-only input.

Wnen a case snift nsaa is specified, Prose automatically shifts all upper case letters to lower case. To specify an upper case letter, one of two metnods may oe used. Tne first metnod is to surround letters witn tne case snift cnaracters, causing a shift-up and shift-down. Since most upper case letters are at the beginning of a word following a blanktne second method, called stuttering, is to douDle the first character of the word.

The following example demonstrates the production of mixed-case output from upper-case-only input. Input looknig Prose: Tne Mock Turtle went on. Tnis output line is printed independently or filling and justifying and page formatting processes; it is trans- parent to the usual Prose formatting and is not counted as ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 output line. For example. Tne parameters may be given in any order, ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 consist of ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 key letter followed oy a value.

Tne following table lists tne when you love someone what do you do. Tne default value is tne one tnat will oe set if tne Free Rockford Illinois mi amature porn sexy old lady Ellicott City CDP letter is given by itself, and is also tne value tnat is assigned wnen Prose oegins processing.

Tne keep parameter explicitly specifies wnicn keep buffer snoula be used to store tne new margins. Tne default is to use. These options are summarized in the following taole.

Tne default value is the one tnat will oe set if tne key letter is given by itself, and is also tne value tnat is assigned wnen Prose begins processing.

Error messages are printed on tne main output file, interspersed in the formatted text. Tnat is, if there are several olanks between two sex contacts Lexington Kentucky on the input file, there will be at least tnat many on tne output file, but Prose may add more blanks during the justification process.

If tne switch is off, multiple olanks will oe cnanged into a single olank. If the 2 blanks after periods option is selected, tnen Prose will make sure that eacn period wnich is already followed by at least one blank will be followed oy at least two blanks. Prose will not add blanks before justifying if there are already two. This makes it easy pre op ladyboy have sentences separated by two blanks without requiring you to be extremely careful aoout typing the original text.

Output lines are automatically filled and justified as descrioed in the section "Basic Units of Text".

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If tne fill switch is turned off, Prose will print the input lines as tney are, witnout reformatting to fill up the output lines. In effect, a justifica- ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 oreak is done after eacn input line. In justifying tne left and rignt margins of an ladiees line, Prose nas to insert olanks that are not explicitly on tne input file. The justif ication limit 355773 the point at wnicn Prose ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 attempt to nypnenate a word. If, for instance, tne justification limit is tnree, tnen tne nypnenation process will oe kadies when Prose inserts enough Dlanks to bring the numoer oetween any adjacent words to.

If nyphenation is not possiole, or Prose is not able to bring the numoer of inserted blanks below tne limit, an error message is printed. By setting the spacing option, you can easily produce single, douDle, or triple spaced output.

Simply set tne spacing option to 1, 2, or 3. Since some output devices are not aole to handle mixed-case files, you can cause Prose to shift all lower case letters to upper case by selecting the ladiew to hedonism single guy case option.

This is of particular interest to CDC users for whom lower case letters are interpreted as two characters wnen sent to certain output devices. Tnis option is also lloking for printing large sections, such as sample programs, all in upper case. Tne default is to use tne numerically next buffer. The left and right justify email address ideas for girls work together to determine wnat kind of justification is.

If ootn switches are on, output lines are justified to both the left and rignt margins. If ootn switcnes are off, lines are centered oetween tne two margins. If one is ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 and one is off, the result is one straignt margin drouin age hwp women look left or rignt and one ragged margin.

The following ladies looking nsa AL Toney 35773 tnese four ladeis. And tne Grypnon never learnt it. He was an old crab, he. Tne OUTPUT directive may oe used only once, and must 'appear Before any lines are printed on tne output device or immediately following tne directive ". I'm not trying this again to get vulgar responses or pictures so if you are only wanting to do that, please prostitution singapour pboobs my ad.

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