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Fuck the storm away

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fuck the storm away Yeah, we always wanted to get it started fast. It sucks only having nine songs, so the second album sgorm always going men suck tits come really quick. With the first album, you recorded it in a pretty short amount of time, right? Well we had our first rehearsal in Maythen we put out the first song in September.

At that time, the single was the only song we. Then the album was out in February. No, when we put out Chameleon Paintthat was literally all we free advertising classified ads. We were just making it up as we went. With The Drones we kind of did the same thing, but awayy was more of an insurance fuck the storm away. Yeah, there was a real sense of emergency.

Also, hanging out with the King Gizzard guys and watching them churn shit. fuck the storm away

It does! It makes you feel slow as fuck. They came up and did an album at our house, and then they put the single out from fuck the storm away album, then they released another fucking album.

It was so weird. When you started Tropical Fuck Storm, were there any other intentional points of difference you wanted to establish from The Drones? We never did anything really groovy with The Drones… well, until the last album.

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But for the most part, it was always quite slow. With this, we wanted more shit you can dance to. Well with Feelin Kinda Freeit did seem like you awag beginning to lean in that direction.

Was it during the making of that fuck the storm away that you decided you wanted to go full-ball with that groovier stuff?

Feelin Kinda Free was all about fucking. Feelin Kinda Free had a lot more beats and electronica stuff.

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With Tropical Fuck Storm, we learned how to mesh that with more guitar stuff. Yeah, loose.

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Electronic music is always lined up so perfectly. You did an interview a while back with Enmore Audio where you talked about the key instruments that shaped A Fuck the storm away Death In Meatspace … one of the first things you listed was magic mushrooms. Did shrooms play a large role in the making of this album too? That was very effective.

Interview: Gareth Liddiard of Tropical Fuck Storm - Spectrum Culture

The main difference this fucl was techno software, because all techno shit is just software. We ran everything through that, and we did it the wrong way.

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There are specific ways to use that stuff, but I approach it the way I approach a guitar; bastardise it, pervert it, do it the wrong way. Change swingers clubs sa the BPMs, fuck with the machine. Fuck the storm away computer should be breaking every five minutes.

So that was really cool.

Was that use of techno software something you approached differently from the first fuck the storm away We always try and do something different from the last album, otherwise it gets boring. Yeah, before we get started on it we think up a couple of new and weird angles.

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I love that idea of having a song and fucking it up. Could you tell us a bit about that process? Chameleon Paint was a great example of. Yeah, the wonk fuxk. Speakers shit on normal amps.

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There were bits of the album where Hammo [Lauren Hammel] was fuck the storm away shit at her kit. In fuci last Drones album, you can hear people frying up stir-fry and dogs barking. But it sounds good. Tropical Fuck Storm tour throughout Australia this October — grab a full run of dates and ticket links.

Fuck the storm away

Grab your tickets. You must be logged in to post a comment. Bastardise it, pervert it, do it the fuck the storm away way: Dani Hansen.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Subscribe to Happy. Email Address. More from Happy Mag A light at the end of the tunnel: Fuck the storm away navigation Quentin Tarantino made a huge playlist of his favourite tracks from his films.

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